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What's the butterfly plague in Brisbane all about?!

And of course for me, it's all about fashion!

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You’ve got to have been in your chrysalis to not know there’s pretty much a butterfly plague in Brisbane right now.

During the set-up at Mt Gravatt Fashion Market yesterday, I was in constant awe of how beautiful the butterflies looked against the growing sea of fashion as our sellers put together their stalls.

The fashion market came together beautifully and thousands upon thousands of clothes, shoes and accessories transformed the once grassy block of land and a tin shed into shopping heaven streaming with fashionistas, a lifecycle not unlike that of a butterfly.

It got me thinking about a tea leaf reading many years ago when I was shopping in the gorgeous Brisbane Arcade in Brisbane’s CBD.

During the reading, I was asked if butterflies had any significance for me. They didn’t, but now every time I see one, I wonder what the significance of butterflies are in my life

Are fashion markets the reason that tea leaf reader asked me about butterflies?! Is it because we are suffering from a plague of overconsumption? Could it be that it ties in to the transformation that happens when people take a leap and book a stall to sell their stuff?

This week has been full of the big philosophical questions, let me tell you!

Without pondering the meaning of life and plagues too much, I (of course) starting daydreaming about all the ways I love butterflies and nature and Brisbane and fashion markets, and ended up thinking about…

The Vintage Butterfly Top.

How amazing does Romanian fashion blogger and designer, Gabriela Atanasov, look in this her vintage butterfly sequin top? I bought mine at a vintage market in New York, but I have seen a few pop up at our fashion markets now and then. Note to self, wear butterfly top more!

Romanian fashion blogger and designer, Gabriela Atanasov, sports a vintage butterfly sequin top.

The Butterfly Wing Shoe

So according to Sophia Webster, the designer of this epic shoe, the wings are in fact angel wings, but I see otherwise! Haha! In any case, they are absolutely adorable.

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The Mary Katrantzou Butterfly Dress

One of my absolute all time favourite designers Mary Katrantzou, captured my heart with this butterfly dress in her latest AW Collection. Swoon.

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Hope you love this butterfly plague as much as I do!

Come and say hi and tell me your butterfly stories when you see me at our next market!

If you want to know a more in depth ecological reason behind the migration of butterflies in Queensland right now, read this.

Book your sellers stall and participate in our fashion markets.

Who knows, selling your clothes you no longer wear *could* be the meaning of life and the one thing little thing you need to get you out of your chrysalis and let you fly!

See you soon

Natalie xo