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Save 20% on epic skincare haul

20% off RRP only on December 19 +20 at The Loft Beauty

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Splurge now and have the gift of great skin all year round!

I don't scrimp when it comes to spending money on my skincare regime. I've fallen in love with a few products that I can't stand to be without, so it's PERFECT when I can find them on sale.

Sales on these products NEVER happen, so I'm totally committed to buying them from The Loft Beauty in West End today. I can't make it into the store while the sale is on today or tomorrow, so I'll be phoning in my order and picking them up when I can!

Call and speak to the girls about what products would be right for you on 07 3846 0062.

Here's my shopping list (pictured above from left to right - taken of my current stock this morning on my balcony)...

  • O Cosmedics - Mineral Pro SPF 30+ 
  • O Cosmedics - Corrective Cleanser & Peel
  • Issada Mineral Lip Gloss - Colour: Romance
  • Issada Mineral Velvet Cream - Colour: Brisbane
  • O Cosmedics - Immortal Cream

Normally this entire haul would come to $318, but because I'm buying from The Loft Beauty today, I get to take 20% off, bringing the total down to $254.40.

I guess if you're lucky enough to have someone to give a Christmas list to, this would make for a great gift too!

Here's to a 2017 filled with glowing skin and knowing smiles.

Nat xoxo

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