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    SELL: Join us as a seller and clear out your closet. Convert your clothes, shoes & accessories to cash in one morning and sell your wardrobe. Share with a friend and split the cost of your stall - it's super fun!


    SHOP: Come and shop from over 10,000 new and
    pre-loved items and pic up a bargain!

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    To encourage a variety of different, high quality stalls at the Gold Coast Fashion Market, we are giving away 10 SELLERS STALLS for upcoming events at Miami State High.
    BE BOLD AND ENTER! We are encouraging people who want to sell their

    *own fashion brand,

    *men's fashion,

    *flowers or plants,

    *candles and body products,

    *other small secondhand items,

    *secondhand books and cd's

    *vintage items,

    *things men might like to see at a market (?)

    *promote your local business

    *anything else you think might work, just tell us what it is!
    Local boutiques and vintage sellers are also welcome to join us.

    Winning stalls are valued at $65. They are 3m x 3m undercover stalls.



    via email and our Facebook Page here.



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  • Upcoming Markets
    Pre-Loved, Vintage, Indie + Designer 

    We are excited to be part of a community who adore pre-loved, vintage, indie and designer fashion as much as we do. Our vision is to transform the way we buy and sell fashion to reduce environmental impact, promote ethical production and empower women with an added source of income.


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    (If you're not from the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, or the Northern Rivers NSW, please drop us a line here and tell us where you would like to see our events next...)

    2018 + beyond...


    Want to assist with the roll-out of our calendar for 2018? Please get in touch here if you're keen to gain experience with us as an intern.


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  • Want to sell your stuff?

    Sell your clothes, shoes and accessories.

    Have a great day out and turn your stuff into CASH!

    (you can split the cost with a friend to save you money!)
    BE QUICK to book, we always sell out!


    You can share a stall between friends to make it even more affordable and split the cost! Please read carefully. Each event is different!


  • Love to (op) shop?

    Come and shop at HER WARDROBE.

    You'll find the most amazing collection of Vintage, Indie and Pre-loved
    clothes, shoes and accessories!

    Bring some friends and make a morning of it!

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  • Help us help you!

    Got a problem? Sell your second hand clothes and throw a little cash at it!

    Selling online is a pain

    Forget waiting around for someone to pick up!

    PROBLEM: If you've tried to sell your stuff online, you know how annoying it can be. People say they want something and never pay. You have endless trips to the post office. People always want to return stuff.

    SOLUTION: Sell in real life at Her Wardrobe, get your cash and go home! 

    Too much stuff

    But seriously, sometimes too much is too much!

    PROBLEM: You have too much stuff and are running out of room. Your wardrobe is busting out and you take up more than just one closet.

    SOLUTION: Sell all the stuff you want to see gone on one day at Her Wardrobe! 

    Got no cash

    You want a holiday? Convert your clothes to cash!

    PROBLEM: No matter how often pay day comes around, it always feels like you don't have enough $$$ to do the things you want to do and buy the things you want to buy.

    SOLUTION: Pack up your stuff and sell it at Her Wardrobe! 

  • Get your friends together

    Things are more fun with friends!

    Step 1: Clean out your wardrobe and get a collection of stuff you want to sell.
    Step 2: Put your stuff together and share the cost of a stall with your BFF (or go it alone if you've got heaps of stuff!)
    Step 3: Buy a Sellers Ticket which has all the info about what you need for the day...
    Step 4: Rock up, have fun, sell your stuff & go home with cash. Simple!

  • Where to Next?

    We are expanding our community.  Please tell us where we should host our next event...

    Please let us know if you're keen to be a Seller or an Intern!

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